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5G internet usage experience

5G Connectivity Benefits

5G advantages & internet usage experience explained

5G advantages are just awesome with regards to speed and latency. Very soon we will be getting benefits of 5G connectivity. The revolutionary 5G will leave behind all your connectivity related issues. High-speed network access is going to make the user experience smoother & faster than ever. Finally, we can count on something.

We saw some of the most significant changes in the telecommunication sector. The network is no longer just connectivity. Somewhat it is becoming a part of our lives. But the major revolution is yet to come. The telecom industry has turned its focus more towards bringing 5G technology. Surely, 5G is making its path to India very soon.

Some smartphone manufacturers have already launched 5G ready devices into Indian Markets. It is a clear sign that we can get 5G rolling out in India at any time. But as per our analysis, 5G based chipsets are only available to only some flagship-level smartphones & still not available on mid-range smartphones. That means it is going to be a slight delay in getting 5G rolling on these devices. 

Only thinking of a better speed is not the only thing to be expected from 5G connectivity. There are more that could be a game-changer for a network provider & we as consumers are going to get some improved services for sure.

There are many more advantages of 5G that will benefit the everyday smartphone user. Here it is going to be a godsend for gamers. Let’s get an in-depth look & find out its benefits.

Major 5G advantage: Lower Latency Smoother Gameplay

5G Latency Information

Latency is the central part of any online game. Latency is the time needed between when you push a button on the screen & a similar action occurs in the game. Usually counts on milliseconds.

Currently, on a 4G network, the average latency is about 60ms to 90ms. As for 5G, It could be below 15ms, to even an unbelievably 1ms. The cool thing isn’t it. Here it is a massive advantage for us.

Online gaming is going to get this benefit immensely from 5G Speeds. Lags due to network connectivity issues will become a thing of the past. This is one of the major benefits of all other 5G benefits, especially for the gaming community.

Most Awaited 5G advantage: Buffering Less Video Streaming

5G Bufferingless Streaming

Undoubtedly, 4G LTE laid a strong foundation for video streaming. 5G is going to enrich the video streaming experience with its stronghold on speed. Get ready to watch 4K content on-the-go if your device supports 5G network connectivity. Faster speed & lower latency will make it easier to download videos hasslefree.

No more buffering issues are going to be there with 5G handsets. Play the content on any platform with its full glory. A super AMOLED screen may take your content viewing experience to the next level. Another 5G benefit for us that it is going to optimize the video content delivery path.

Required & delivered: More Cloud Storage

5G Cloud Apps

Cloud storage is used by many of us. Everyone is not aware of cloud technologies. With the coming of 5G, a majority of Cloud providers are going to make more money. Large size contents are in the cloud to access it from anywhere at any place. Data downloading from the cloud will be faster. With the rise of 5G, more apps will move to the cloud. It solely means we don’t have to install apps on our personal computers. We can simply use any modern browser to get the work done anywhere.

Files will be easily accessible on-the-go in any other device you own. Easy syncing of online games makes it even easier to pick up where it was left off. 5G will also be beneficial for industries. Due to massive changes in data management, it will bring more productivity into organizations. 

Very much appreciated: The rise in Video Conferencing

5G Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been possible after the coming of 4G VoLTE. It doesn’t conk off in the middle of the conversation like they used to back in the day. Video conference quality has not increased quite a time means we are lacking on getting ultra clear visuals.

With the rise of 5G, video calls are going to be crisp & detailed HD visuals will be possible. We may see casual games, AR experiences, and more with the power of 5G connectivity. 

Very much useful: Internet of Things (IoT) will finally arrive

5g Internet of things

The IoT has been a hype in the tech sector for a very long time. There are already several implementations in our day to day life. Its true potential is yet to achieve. We will see less congested networks for all our smart & stupid devices. And all of them can be controlled right from your commands. The next item in the 5G benefits list.

Businesses will also benefit from IoT operations. We will be able to remotely operate devices with more accuracy, like mining, remote driving, etc.

New refined experience: A big boost in AR & VR

AR & VR will shine with low latency because of 5G connectivity. We may not need High-speed Wi-Fi to get these experiences. 

There will be endless possibilities for AR & VR to provide new experiences to users. We would be able to tour anywhere just by sitting in our home. Multiplayer VR gaming will no longer require your PC to get connected. AR goggles will have a much better & faster platform to operate. It will be a relief moment for tech industries for several reasons.

Truly, AR and VR industries have a lot to look forward to with regards to 5G. Here it is going to change the whole era of the internet. The arrival of 5G in India has a lot more to offer. These are some of the most common areas that are going to shine with the forthcoming of 5G connectivity.


Currently, the 4G network proved itself worthy of its speed & other influential services. In this article, we talked about some of the areas of tech industries that will get the maximum benefit of 5G connectivity. As we saw 4G changed almost everything quite a bit, we may now expect 5G to polish and introduce a new set of helpful services ahead. There are endless benefits of 5G that we are going to experience in the near future.